Pitt Covers Jolie’s Split Trousers Embarrassment

BRAD PITT came to his girlfriend ANGELINA JOLIE’s rescue at the European premiere of her new film BEOWULF on Sunday (11Nov07), by helping her cover-up when her leather trousers split at the back.

Pitt and Jolie were on the red carpet in London’s Leicester Square when the actress’ skin-tight black leather trousers started to unstitch around her bottom.

But quick-thinking gentleman Pitt shielded Jolie’s embarrassment from photographers by covering the exposed area with his hand.

Jolie didn’t have the best entrance to the event – she also stepped in a piece of chewing gum which stuck itself to the heel of her $1,200 (#600) Christian Louboutin stilettos.



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  1. kristen wrote: lol i saw this on E!News haha but shes hot so she shouldnt be embarassed and that was nice of brad, he liked it, so it was good for both of them haha