Knightley: I Envy Miller

KEIRA KNIGHTLEY envies fellow actress SIENNA MILLER’s confrontational nature towards aggressive paparazzi.

The two stars were constantly hassled by paparazzi while on the set of their new movie The Edge of Love earlier this year (07) – but while Knightley was too sensitive to challenge the snappers, her co-star bravely returned their insults.

Knightley says, “Sienna is far more hounded than I am, and the paparazzi are far more abusive to her. She faces them head on, and isn’t afraid to tell them to f**k off. I haven’t found a way to do that.”

And the Pirates of the Caribbean beauty wishes she could be more like 25-year-old Miller in the fashion stakes too.

She adds, “She has such great personal style. Every bloody morning she’d turn up at 5.30am in a little something she had just thrown on. I can’t do that.”



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