Phoenix Denies Mendes Romance Reports

Actor JOAQUIN PHOENIX has dismissed reports he and his WE OWN THE NIGHT co-star EVA MENDES were romantically involved during filming.

The Gladiator star was amazed by the paparazzi attention Mendes attracted, which became so frantic, the pair found it impossible to socialize away from the set.

Phoenix says, “They had us dating before I even met her. That was f**king hilarious.

“We went out the first night to get some food, and there were photographers everywhere. I’m going, ‘Who is this f**king chick?’ Because I swear to God, I don’t know who anyone is unless I’ve already worked with them.

“Feeling like you’re being scrutinized is bad when you’re working. It got to a point where we couldn’t even hang out, because it became a thing.

“I’m always amazed at the gossip that is created out of nothing.”



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