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Which Stars Do You Want More Of?

Which Stars Do You Want More Of?


Which stars do you want more news and pics for? Comment on this post and let me know so I can be sure that I’m getting everything I can for all your favorite stars!

What about your favorite bands?

Let me know! 🙂



  1. OtH-&-Vm-Lover wrote: First of all. this is just a great idea!
    and i think, CELEB-RITY wise, you are getting great news, from all my favorites!!!! 😉

    BAND WISE: I would really like to see some news or something about EMINEM. I havent heard of nothing going on with him lately. i wanna see whatsup? and some bands. like. LINKIN PARK. SIMPLE PLAN. GREEN DAY! see what they are up to!

    thanks 😉

  2. Trina wrote: Anyone from High School Musical is good with me :] Maybe more from the One Tree Hill cast. Anythings good with me.

    Great idea Emma!

  3. Joanne (OCallyFaN80) wrote: I agree with Trina on the OTH cast, but other than that, your covering a bit of everything. Awesome job!

  4. artmarcia wrote: Favorite Bands: GrooveLily, Carbon Leaf, Storyhill

    Please give us much LESS Brittney, Lindsey and Paris!

  5. xtremequeen wrote: More Sarah Michelle Gellar & Backstreet Boys if it’s avaliable.

    You do a FANTASTIC job covering all the celeb news !!


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