Spears’ Boys Have Pinkeye

BRITNEY SPEARS’ ex KEVIN FEDERLINE was forced to cancel a family yachting trip
last month (Oct07) after his sons contracted the eye infection that has plagued
their parents.

Sean Preston, two, and Jayden James, one, were enjoying a presailing barbecue
when Federline noticed them robbing their eyes. He immediately realized both
boys had pinkeye because he was the first member of the family to suffer the

Spears also spent a week hiding her infection behind dark glasses.
A source tells America’s Life & Style magazine, “Kevin had originally booked
a yacht ride for everyone, but they had to cancel it because of the pinkeye.

“Everyone thinks it (infection) came from Britney’s dog. The dog had it
first, and then everyone else seemed to get it – including Britney.”



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  1. one6ylady wrote: oh please… let’s not get into the “Blame Brittney for everything” frame of mind. Yes, she is making and has made some bad choices and mistakes recently, but pinkeye is and unbelievably normal and common thing for kids to get. If they hang around with other kids in groups ANYWHERE it’s almost a sure thing they’d get it if any one of them even had the START of it. When’s the last time you saw a DOCUMENTED case of someone getting pinkeye from a dog?