Spears Can’t Drive With Her Kids In The Car

BRITNEY SPEARS has been banned from driving with her young sons in the same car
after her ex-husband KEVIN FEDERLINE’s attorney called an emergency court
hearing to question her road skills.

Commissioner Scott Gordon ruled two-year-old Sean Preston and his younger
brother Jayden James can no longer hit the roads of Hollywood with their mum
after a closed-door, 90-minute hearing in Los Angeles on Friday morning

Mark Vincent Kaplan, Federline’s lawyer, called for the hearing after Spears
was caught on tape running a red light with her two children in the back seat.

The new order is the latest blow for Spears in her custody battle. She was
stripped of physical custody of the boys last month (Oct07).

The singer and Federline are expected back in court on 26 November (07).



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  1. one6ylady wrote: Such a shame. This is a woman with a lot of talent and a world of potential and it almost makes me cry to see her throw it and her life with her children away for such stupid reasons as bad habits and drugs. I truly believe that when she hits rock bottom she will finally pick the pieces of her life up and put them back together again… I just hope it’s not too late when she decideds to do it.