Clooney Taped Confronting Photographers

A videotape of GEORGE CLOONEY angrily confronting two photographers for driving
dangerously has surfaced online.

The Ocean’s Eleven star was riding his motorcycle, with girlfriend Sarah
Larson riding pillion, along Los Angeles’ Mulholland Drive when he pulled over
to tell off the overly-aggressive paparazzi.

Clooney and Larson were injured when they were knocked off a Harley Davison
motorcycle the actor had rented during a September (07) trip to New Jersey, and
the actor was worried another accident would occur if he didn’t object to the
photographers’ irresponsible driving.

In a video of the incident, obtained by website, an angry Clooney
says, “You broke some laws, I want to find out what your licence plate number

“How many laws did you break, pal?… You cut me up… How many people did
you put in danger? You drove like a maniac down here. At least understand that
you’re putting people in danger…

“I’ve been down on a motorcycle and the last thing I want to do is get

The two photographers involved then apologised to Clooney, before the actor
drove off.

Clooney and Larson received hospital treatment after their September crash –
he was treated for a rib fracture and grazes, while Larson saw doctors for two
broken toes.



I saw the video of this last night on E. Props to George for saying something. I understand that it’s these guys’ jobs to get the photographs, but at the same time, I believe they can do so safely without putting people’s lives at risk.


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  1. kristen wrote: ^exactly.

    I would have confronted them too, its like seriously people just leave them alone, im sure if paps actually took pics of them at the right time it would be fine but they try to get them ALL the time and chase the celebs and sometimes cause danger which is rediculous!