Dempsey Vows To Stay Grounded

GREY’S ANATOMY actor PATRICK DEMPSEY shuns the glamorous Hollywood lifestyle –
thanks to the influence of his three children.

The 41-year-old cites his real life role as father to Tallulah Fyfe, five,
and nine-month-old twin sons Darby Galen and Sullivan Patrick as the reason he
routinely avoids the wild Los Angeles celebrity scene.

He says, “Last week I got home to projectile vomiting, so it was like wow,
back to reality. You have a day doing what I do, and then all of a sudden
you’re clearing up babies’ vomit and everything smells like vomit. If you have kids you understand. I really love it.”



Patrick Dempsey just seems like the perfect guy. I mean, Viggo is still hands down number one on my list, but McDreamy is a close second. What do you guys think? Perfect?


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  1. kristen wrote: i know he does seem like the perfect guy

    hot . great dad . actor . great personality <3 *sigh*

    Good for him I'm glad he doesnt get caught up in the whole celeb world.

  2. LauzG wrote: I hope by staying grounded it means he’ll be staying with Grey’s! I would hate it if he left and didn’t have a successful career like ER’s Noah Wyle