Lohan Denies Drinking Alcohol On New York Visit

Actress LINDSAY LOHAN vehemently denies succumbing to her alleged alcohol
addiction by drinking during a family Thanksgiving holiday.

The Mean Girls star spent the holiday with her mum Dina in New York following
a stint in a Utah rehab clinic.

But pals claim Lohan spent much of the break drinking alcohol.

A source tells the New York Daily News, “She has been drinking a little bit.
Over her week in New York, she did have a few drinks.

“For Lindsay, her real problem was drugs, not alcohol. In the past, it wasn’t
the drinking that was the problem – it was the heavy drug use.

“The drug use was way more intense than her party drinking. As long as she
isn’t doing drugs, she’s okay.”

But Lohan’s spokeswoman refuted these claims, adding, “These so-called
friends are making up things about her.”



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