Wilson Dating Bonic Woman

Actor OWEN WILSON has sparked rumors of a new romance with BIONIC WOMAN star

The Wedding Crashers star – recovering from a suicide attempt in August (07)
– has reportedly been spotted dining with the 23-year-old British actress at
Los Angeles eatery Nobu and bodyboarding with her at the beach.

And the 39-year-old is said to be smitten with the Hollywood newcomer’s
relative inexperience of life in the glitzy movie town.

A source tells British newspaper The Sun, “Michelle’s one of the few women in
Hollywood who looks like herself and hasn’t had loads of work done. She’s
refreshingly natural. She’s also pretty innocent about how this whole town
works, which Owen finds endearing. And then there’s that British sense of

Production has halted on Bionic Woman following the Hollywood writers’
strike, leading television insiders to believe the sci-fi show will be dropped.



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  1. LauzG wrote: Well that certainly is news to me.
    I thought he was dating that model who had only a last night? Oh well, come on Michelle bag a hottie! Do us English proud!

  2. Debo wrote: Hmmm. I am big fan of Owen’s…but I’d have to say I’d be a bit worried about going out with him right now, especially since his attempt at suicide was so recent. You’d think he’d spend more time “healing” before jumping into all the serial dating again.