Pitt Unashamed Of Using Celebrity Profile To Boost Charity

Hollywood superstar BRAD PITT is unashamed of using his celebrity status to promote a new charity project.

The Ocean’s Eleven star and philanthropist Steve Bing have each pledged $5 million (#2.5 million) to help build 150 new homes in New Orleans, Louisiana, following the destruction of the area by Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

Pitt has called on the American public to donate towards the cause – and isn’t worried about using his high profile to raise more money for the scheme, despite normally doing his best to avoid media attention.

He tells U.S. chatshow host Larry King, “I duck and jive (from the press).
Keep moving. Keep my head down. That’s been my modus operandus. But for something like this, I feel very fortunate to have it and I can direct it this way.

“It’s just not part of my makeup (to manipulate the media). I’m not good at it. There’s other people who are. But for something like this, I feel very fortunate to be able to do it. It (the media) uses me and I use it.”



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