Pitt Calls For Stricter Laws To Protect Kids From Paparazzi

BRAD PITT has called for stricter laws to protect celebrity children from the paparazzi – because he worries about the effect the snappers have on his children.

The star has three adopted children with his partner Angelina Jolie – Maddox, six, Pax, three, Zahara, two, as well as the couple’s own biological daughter 17-month-old Shiloh.

And Pitt admits he is concerned the constant press attention will taint the kids’ perception of the world around them.

He tells U.S. chat show host Larry King, “Truthfully, I worry about that. I am very concerned about that. Call out my kids names and shove cameras in their faces and I really believe there should be laws against that.

“I mean, my kids believe that any time you go outside the house there is just a wall of photographers and people that take their picture. That is their view of the world and I worry about the effect it will have on them but we’ll do our best.”



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