Spears Caught Driving Crazy Again

BRITNEY SPEARS has been spotted driving erratically yet again.

The singer is no stranger to traffic offenses after being charged with driving without a valid licence earlier this year (07), and was also charged for committing a hit-and-run incident while attempting to park her Mercedes Benz in August (07).

This weekend (08-09Dec07), Spears was pictured driving on the wrong side of the road into incoming traffic, reports TMZ.com.



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  1. beesknees wrote: Daaaang, maybe she should just go ahead and hire drivers from now on? Just last week, I saw some wackadoo driving into oncoming traffic…scary!

  2. xtremequeen wrote: The girl shouldn’t have a drivers license. The state of Cali should step in and take it from her, before she hurts someone else !