Spears Misses Deposition Due To ‘General’ Illness

An illness prevented BRITNEY SPEARS from attending a court-ordered deposition in her ongoing custody trial on Wednesday (12Dec07) morning.

The Toxic singer was expected to give her deposition under oath at the Los Angeles offices of her ex-husband Kevin Federline’s attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan at 10am.

When Spears failed to show up, the lawyer was forced to start without her, taking testimony from the singer’s former assistant Alli Sims and ex-manager Larry Rudolph, among others.

Kaplan says, “I was told of a general (medical) condition, and Spears felt she couldn’t attend.”

A new date for Spears’ deposition has been chosen, but not made public.

Sims and Rudolph were both served subpoenas by Kaplan earlier this year (07).

The attorney hopes to determine whether Spears drinks alcohol or uses drugs in front of her young children.



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  1. xtremequeen wrote: She shoudl have some kind of punishment for blatenly disregarding the courts order. She wasn’t sick…just trying to get out of something else. The usual Britney.