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‘Sick’ Britney’s Late Night Outing

‘Sick’ Britney’s Late Night Outing


BRITNEY SPEARS has been photographed out and about in Los Angeles in the early hours of Thursday (13Dec07) morning – after insisting she was too ill to attend her court-ordered deposition.

The pop star was expected to give her deposition in her ongoing custody trial at the Los Angeles offices of her ex-husband Kevin Federline’s attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan at 10am on Wednesday morning (12Dec07).

But she failed to show up and Kaplan was told that she had a “general
(medical) condition”, meaning she could not attend.

However, the 26-year-old was pictured leaving the Four Seasons Hotel in L.A.
with her assistant just before 2am on Thursday morning, according to

A new date for Spears’ deposition has been chosen, but not made public.


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  1. TES283 wrote: Too sick in the morning. So how about have the Court in session at 4am. Then she might feel good enough to go.

  2. xtremequeen wrote: She needs to be held accountable. If it was an “ordinary” citizen, they wouldn’t be let off the hook.

  3. kristen wrote: WOW.

    damn i really wish she would just stop all this just for a while, until the whole court issue ends..

    its alright to go out and party but not all the time and when you have responsibilities


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