Heigl Hates Her Legs

KNOCKED UP star KATHERINE HEIGL hates her chubby legs so much she hasn’t worn
shorts for years.

The bride-to-be admits her legs are the one part of her body she has
virtually no control over.

She explains, “I’ve always had problems with my legs. They’re just the
hardest part for me to work out, the hardest part for me to tone.

“They’re the first thing to put on weight, the last place to lose weight… I
don’t wear shorts very often.”



Celebrities are always to overly sensitive to their body image, which I guess is understandable considering the media’s reaction to anything other than the tooth pick skinny girls. I think Katherine looks great though… except for maybe the sunglasses in the above picture…. she’s totally rivaling Nicole Richie’s title for ‘Most Insanely Large Sunglasses Ever’.


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