McAvoy: ‘I’m No Sex Symbol’

Scottish actor JAMES McAVOY has laughed off reports he has become a Hollywood
sex symbol – because his looks are too average.

The Last King Of Scotland star insists there are many other actors who are
more worthy of such an accolade.

He says, “I’m a non-alpha male. (Brad) Pitt and (Matt) Damon are considered
to be the most beautiful people in the world and I’m clearly not.

“I don’t think I’ve been hit by the ugly stick or anything. I think I’m a
fairly decent-looking guy but I’m not up there with that.”



I love his response to this… “I don’t think I’ve been hit by the ugly stick or anything.” At least he’s not pulling a Patrick Dempsey and claiming to not think he’s attractive at all. Because then I would seriously have to make fun of him. 🙂

Does he remind anyone else of Gregory Smith? I think they look like they could be brothers…


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  1. kristen wrote: hes really hot, its too hard not to think of him as a sex symbol haha.

    haha i know same emma i think his response was funny i know and the whole him thinking patrick was godding looking was funny. patrick hots hes hot too, he has good taste 😉