Lohan Wins Pay Cyrus By Calling Vegas Radio Show

LINDSAY LOHAN stunned two Las Vegas radio presenters when she called their show
on Friday (14Dec07) to win a pal hard-to-get MILEY CYRUS tickets.

Mix 94.1 DJs Mark and Mercedes offered up a pair of tickets for teen star
Cyrus’ upcoming Hannah Montana show in Sin City to the listener who could get
the most famous person to call in.

Rocker Slash and the former Six Million Dollar Man Lee Majors phoned the show
– to win the tickets for friends – but the competition was over when Lohan

The gracious actress even agreed to stay on the line and chat with the
presenters live on air.

She told the DJs that the Lindsay who begins 2008 is a very different girl to
the one who started 2007 – a year which saw her in trouble with the law, behind
bars and in and out of rehab.

She said, “I think that my life is different now and it’s changed and I’m
growing up and it was time to grow up. I’ve gone through a lot and I’m just a
different person now.”

And she revealed she has stopped looking at the tabloids, which follow her
every move: “I don’t engage. I don’t read it, because that just kind of puts
other thoughts in your head and it brings you down, so I don’t play into it.”



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