Spears No Longer Welcome At Four Seasons?

BRITNEY SPEARS’ daily routine appears to have taken a hit – the pop star was turned away from her favorite haunt, the Four Seasons hotel in Los Angeles at the weekend (16Dec07).

The singer has become a regular there in recent weeks, taking trips to and from the hotel up to four times a day. She has even spent visitation time with her two young children there.

But that could be about to change after Spears was refused entrance to the hotel – in front of her personal paparazzi army, which follows her everywhere she goes.

One photographer says, “She was told, ‘You’re not authorized to come in here,’ prompting all the snappers to tell staff, ‘She’s Britney Spears, let her in!'”

Four Seasons staff have denied Spears has been banned from the hotel, but details about her weekend stand-off have not been made clear. (KL/WNWC/GES)


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