Diaz, Blanchett, & Bosworth Named Style Queens of 2007

CAMERON DIAZ, CATE BLANCHETT and KATE BOSWORTH have made it onto a new hotlist of style queens.

The trio join Penelope Cruz, Katie Holmes, Angelina Jolie and Gwen Stefani on
American magazine Life & Style’s Most Stylish Stars Of 2007 list.

The top 10 ladies have all been given fashion nicknames to mark their
standings in the style world.

The top 10 are:
Cameron Diaz: The golden girl
Cate Blanchett: The trendsetter
Penelope Cruz: The goddess
Kate Bosworth: The ingenue
Angelina Jolie: The bad girl turned good
Eva Mendes: The bombshell
Gwen Stefani: The fashion mogul
Nicole Kidman: The perennial fashion favorite
Reese Witherspoon: The comeback queen
Katie Holmes: The new Hollywood royalty.



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