Spears Denies Sister Is Pregnant

The 16-year-old confirmed she is 12 weeks pregnant with student Casey
Aldridge’s baby during an interview with OK! magazine.

Spears, 25, is alleged to have only found out about the baby news on Tuesday
(18Dec07) via a media outlet, weeks after the rest of her family were informed
at Thanksgiving (25Nov07).

But hours after the news broke on Tuesday, the troubled pop star dismissed
the reports.

In video footage posted on TMZ.com, Spears is heard telling the paparazzi,
“She’s not. My sister is not pregnant.”

Jamie-Lynn’s first baby is due in June (08).



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  1. Joanne (OCallyFaN80) wrote: Oh, I was about to say that how can you deny a report when your sister admitted about it? But okay then, nevermind. =P

  2. oth-&-vm-lover wrote: britney. probably didnt know… she probably didnt want to believe it, she thought it was only a rumor…. i feel bad that she was like the last one to know

  3. OTH man wrote: The last to know? Probably not, she was probably just told to dismiss the reports until an official announcement had been made and was unaware said announcement was made

    ..that’s my assumption