People’s Choice Awards Canceled

The ongoing Hollywood writers’ strike has claimed next year’s (08) People’s
Choice Awards ceremony.

A day after Writers Guild Of America union bosses rejected a request for
striking members to be allowed to write scripts for the awards ceremonies,
organizers of the People’s Choice prize-giving in January (08) have canceled
the show.

Insiders claim there are still tentative plans to televise an alternative to
the annual show on 8 January (08), but there will be no red carpet and the
media will be barred from the event. It is not known if Queen Latifah, who was
announced as a host, will still be involved in the show.

Reports suggest the organizers of the Golden Globe Awards on 13 January (08)
may follow suit, and scrap a planned live telecast no it looks as if the strike
will continue into the New Year (08).

The writers, who began their walk-out on 5 November (07), plan to picket any
awards shows and, as a result, many nominated stars have threatened not to



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