Heigl Wants To Be ‘Knocked Up’ By Wedding Anniversary

Bride-to-be KATHERINE HEIGL plans to celebrate her first wedding anniversary
next December (08) as a first-time mum.

The Knocked Up star will wed singer/songwriter Josh Kelley this weekend
(23Dec07) in Utah – and she’s already rushing to the next stage of her

She says, “I’m super excited to start a family. I’ve always wanted a family,
a large family. In, like, a year (we’ll have kids).”

The actress has to complete a series of promotional commitments this week
before dashing back to her native Utah for the Christmas wedding, and she
admits she’s beginning to panic.

She adds, “I’m worrying about all the details and getting there, traveling,
transportation, talking to the pastor, getting the license.”

But she insists she isn’t having second thoughts about becoming Mrs. Kelley:
“We’ve talked a lot about it – ‘Are you having second thoughts here?’ And he’s
like, ‘No, I’m so ready for this to happen, because it’s already been 18 months
of planning and we’re both just ready for this to happen.'”



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  1. Joanne (OCallyFaN80) wrote: Congrats on their wedding by the way. Sure not a little too fast? But I like her anyways, so she can go for it! =P