Depp’s Daughter Wants To Be A Pop Star

JOHNNY DEPP’s daughter LILY-ROSE dreams of following her parents into
showbusiness – she has her heart set on becoming a pop star.

Both the seven-year-old’s parents have pursued a career in music: mother
Vanessa Paradis had her first hit single, Joe le Taxi, in her native France at
the tender age of 14, while movie star Depp fronted numerous rock bands,
including The Kids, before becoming an award-winning actor.

But Paradis hopes little Lily-Rose will soon see sense before embarking on a
music career.

She says, “I would love her to wait a little longer than I did.”



  1. Joanne (OCallyFaN80) wrote: One lucky little girl. They just got to be sure she doesn’t turn bad like the girls in Hollywood today.

  2. OTH man wrote: is it bad of me to say it’s a tad unfair she gets to be a celeb just because daddy’s Captain Jack Sparrow?

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