Alba Denies Wedding Reports

Pregnant actress JESSICA ALBA denies reports she is to marry boyfriend CASH
WARREN – because she does not want her bump to show in a wedding dress.

The 26-year-old was rumored to be engaged to Warren after the couple
announced they are expecting their first child next summer (08).

But a source close to the couple denies the reports, telling,
“She doesn’t want to be pregnant in a dress.”

Meanwhile, Alba’s brother Josh tells the publication the family is looking
forward to her having a baby, adding “We’re all thrilled for them.”

Alba and Cash, 28, have been dating since meeting on the set of Fantastic
Four in 2004. The couple reportedly split up earlier this year (07) citing
their hectic work schedules, but got back together soon after. (LJ/US/JC)


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  1. Joanne (OCallyFaN80) wrote: It’s okay, they’re having a baby anyways. Good enough for the tabs, I guess. But damn, that baby growing inside of her is going to be one hell of a good lookin’ baby!

  2. OTH man wrote: haha, I realize they’ve officially said they are engaged as of time of comment but, what a lame excuse “didnt want a bump in a dress”