Cyrus Splits From Jonas Brother Nick

HANNAH MONTANA star MILEY CYRUS has split with her teenage boyfriend NICK

The singer/actress, 15, and the youngest of sibling trio The Jonas Brothers
have been dating since the start of their current sold-out U.S. tour.

But the couple has now parted ways, according to New York gossip column

A source tells the publication, “They just broke up, but not many people even
knew they were going out.”

A spokesman for Cyrus says, “We do not comment on our client’s personal



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  1. Alexa wrote: Corbin (hehe) he’s a cutie (I don’t care if he’s 2 years younger than me lol)

    but truthfully I don’t even know who the Jonas Brothers are.

    It’s good though that they won’t comment on her personal life

  2. xtremequeen wrote: It’s really sad that a 15 year old girls personal life is worthy of being gossiped about. Not that I think that she should be allowed to “date” at her age.