Bell Serves To Protect Pal Panettiere From The Paparazzi

HEROES star HAYDEN PANETTIERE has found a great paparazzi foil in co-star and
pal KRISTEN BELL – because she’s always diving in front of the actress when the
flashbulbs get too much.

Bell admits she and Panettiere became firm friends shortly after meeting for
the first time and now the pair regularly hang out together.

And that’s a huge plus for Panettiere because the paparazzi don’t seem to be
interested in Bell.

Bell explains, “They never take pictures of me. I just step to the side (when
we’re out together), and I push myself in front of her when she wants to get
out of it.”

But even Bell can’t keep the paparazzi off her friend’s trail.

She tells Complex magazine, “I tried to drive her away … the other day only
to realize that I used my turn signal for half an hour, and I’m like, ‘God, why
didn’t I lose them? What’s going on?”



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  1. Alexa wrote: Kristen is awesome! I love Hayden and Kristen they rock, its so cool that Kristen just steps in front of Hayden when the paparazzi are there

  2. Joanne (OCallyFaN80) wrote: I kind of feel bad when I read no one wants to take pictures of her. =[ But then again, who wants to be in front of flashing paparazzi 24/7? I’m glad she’s helping Hayden out. Oh what a good friend! No one has done that, from what I’ve seen.

  3. OTH man wrote: any news story with Kristen AND Hayden is my kinda news story, just saying
    Shame on the paparazzi IMO, kristen bell should get attertion
    but, whatever, seems to me she likes it so thats a plus