Former Child Star Fisherl Arrested

Former child star DANIELLE FISHEL has been arrested on an outstanding warrant
for drunk driving.

The ex-Boy Meets World star was picked up by Newport Beach Police Department
in California last Thursday (20Dec07).

The authorities discovered the warrant attached to the actress after pulling
her over for a vehicle code violation.

Fishel was taken into custody and released shortly after her arrest. A court
date is to be announced.



TOPANGA! I swear this has been the year of DUI’s with the Hollywood crowd, all of the ‘It’ girls and then all of the used to be ‘It’ stars have all managed to get in some sort of trouble involving drinking this year. Hopefully, 2008 will be the comeback year for a lot of these stars.


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  1. oth-&-vm-lover wrote: awe… i love TOPANGA. she is always on the tyra show. and i loved boy meets world! everyone is getting DUI’S now-adays.
    yeah. hopefully they will get starigt in 08’~♥