Health Scare For Pregnant Nicole Richie

Pregnant star NICOLE RICHIE suffered a terrifying health scare over Christmas,
just weeks before she is due to give birth to her first child with JOEL

According to America’s Star magazine, the 26-year-old became dizzy and
disorientated at Madden’s California home on 26 December (07). The Good
Charlotte rocker whisked her off to the doctor, who checked the unborn baby and gave both mother and child the all-clear.

A source tells the magazine, “Her heart was racing – she was swearing and had
the terrifying feeling the world was crashing in on her. She was scared to
death that her baby’s health was in jeopardy.

“Thank God Joel was there to take care of her. He immediately called their
doctor to say he would bring her in.”

The scare was particularly terrifying for the couple, coming just five months
after she was taken to hospital in Los Angeles suffering heavy bleeding.

Friends say doctors told Richie to slow down and rest ahead of the upcoming
birth. The source adds, “She’s been going at a frantic pace for months. Her
body let her know it was time to slow down and make the baby’s health her top



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