Heigl And Kelley Plan Big Family

Actress KATHERINE HEIGL is planning to quit acting in 2009 so she can start a
huge family with new husband JOSH KELLEY.

The couple – who married on 23 December (07) – both want five or six
children, and Heigl, 29, is itching to be a mother as soon as possible.

The Knocked Up star says, “I’d like to start talking children seriously in
the next year, but Josh feels more like two years, so we’ll probably do a year
and a half. I’m excited about having a big family. I’m talking five or six.”



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  1. *ashlee* wrote: aww im happy she found someone who wants the things she does 🙂 thats nice, its hard to findpeople who want a big family these days

  2. Kristen wrote: Aww, her family will be so cute.

    I’m glad she wants a big fam 🙂

    I hope she doesnt quit acting though, because she has so much talent, and so much going for her, I think she could balance both.