Lohan To Spend Community Service In A Morgue

LINDSAY LOHAN is set to spend time in a morgue as part of her community service
– in a bid to show the consequences of driving under the influence.

The Mean Girls star, 21, was arrested twice last year (May07&Jul07) on charges of DUI, and was sentenced to serve four days behind bars in August (07).

She served just over 80 minutes in Lynwood jail in California in November (07), after a judge reduced the sentence and ordered her to carry out 10 days of community service – which she began in late last year (07) with the American Red Cross.

Her attorney, Blair Berk, told a judge on Thursday (17Jan08) at a progress hearing Lohan will spend two four-hour days at a morgue, and will spend a further two days in a hospital emergency room.

Lohan was not present at the hearing.



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