Witherspoon Is Most-Liked Female Star

Hollywood beauty REESE WITHERSPOON has been named the most-likable female
celebrity in a new poll.

The Walk The Line Oscar winner, 30, beat Jennifer Aniston to the top spot
with 74 per cent to the former Friends actress’ 70 per cent in the survey of
more than 1,000 women aged 13 and over. Participants were asked to judge which
celebrities, from a list of the 10 women who regularly graced magazine covers
and gossip columns in 2007, they found the most appealing, confident,
glamorous, interesting and over-exposed, among other qualities.

Angelina Jolie came in third position with 53 per cent, closely followed by
singer/actress Jennifer Lopez in fourth place with 52 per cent. Tom Cruise’s
wife, Katie Holmes, also makes it into the top five with a mere 32 per cent.

Meanwhile, on the other end of the scale, Paris Hilton edged out Britney
Spears to be voted the least appealing star with a 9 per cent likeability
rating to the Toxic singer’s 11, while the hotel heiress topped the list for
most over-exposed celebrity with 75 per cent to Spears’ 68 per cent. (MT/WNWR)


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  1. Kristen wrote: Oh, I definitely wouldnt doubt this, I love her, I know that! LOL I’m happy she won, definitely deserved all the categories, appealing YES confident HELL YES, glamorous AS ALWAYS, interesting.. with all her versatility she is def an interesting woman! All the qualities are great!

    Well congrats Reese!!