Spears Thought Kids Were Beinig Abused

BRITNEY SPEARS refused to return her children to her ex-husband KEVIN FEDERLINE
on Thursday night (03Jan08) because she feared her youngest son had become a
victim of child abuse.

Spears was involved in a major stand-off with emergency services outside her
Beverly Hills, California, mansion on Thursday when she reportedly barricaded
herself in the bathroom with one-year-old Jayden James.

But according to British newspaper the Sunday Mirror, Spears was acting in
defense of her children, who she believed were being abused while in the care
of their father.

A source says, “When the kids arrived, she says Jayden’s legs were covered in
bruises. He’s a toddler and learning to walk so it’s not that surprising – but
Britney was terrified he was being abused.

“After a few hours Ronnie the bodyguard arrived to take the kids back to
Kevin, but she went berserk and refused to hand them over. No one knew what to
do and she got more and more stressed about handing the kids back…

“That’s when Britney started to panic. She kept the children behind her and
told no one to touch them. She demanded to see Kevin and told Ronnie to get him
to the house there and then. That was never going to happen…”

Spears was later taken to Los Angeles’ Cedars-Sinai Medical Center for a
mental evaluation, where she remained until Saturday afternoon (05Jan08), when
she checked herself out to return home with her father Jamie.

Federline has temporarily been given “sole legal custody and sole physical
custody” of the kids following an emergency hearing on Friday (04Jan08). The
custody order lasts until 14 January (08).



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  1. Kristen wrote: Wow.. I dont know what to say, that sucks. I hate that the media follows every little thing about this whole situation it gets Britney more and more stressed and things just seem to get worse. I mean if she thinks something is happening the the kids she should really be able to ask Kevin for herself, if they are going to SHARE kids then they have to communicate to each other! I cant believe they put her in a mental hospital! and SOLE CUSTODY?! Thats stupid.