Barton’s Sister Suffers Overdose

MISCHA BARTON’s younger sister HANIA suffered a drug overdose the same day the
O.C. star was caught drunk driving.

Wannabe actress Hania Barton, 19, was rushed to Los Angeles’ Ceder’s Sinai
Medical Center on 27 December (07) suffering convulsions, reports National

A source tells the tabloid, “The family bodyguard found her obviously
overdosed on drugs, called her mother, and then rushed Hania to the emergency
room. It was a suicide attempt, and by the time she got to hospital, Hania was
absolutely hysterical.”

The Enquirer claims Barton confessed to overdosing on the muscle relaxer
Soma; was treated for six hours before insisting on being discharged.

She was accompanied by her elder sister, who just twelve hours earlier was
arrested for driving under the influence and possession of drugs.



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  1. Alexa wrote: Omg!! 🙁 I hate reading stories about’s just so sad that Hania felt she wanted to end her life…I hope her family is giving her the help she needs 🙁