Lohan Defends Dr. Phil’s Britney Aid

LINDSAY LOHAN’s outspoken father has offered his support to TV self-help
guru DR. PHIL McGRAW over his decision to go public with plans to treat troubled

Dr. Phil has since pulled out of a proposed meeting with Spears and her
family following criticism for speaking out about his potential patient’s
breakdown last week (03Jan08), which led to a psychological evaluation in a
Los Angeles hospital.

McGraw claims Spears’ mother, Lynne, asked him to visit her daughter in
hospital but the family distanced themselves from the TV star when he went
public with his findings.

But Lohan insists McGraw was only trying to help.

He tells U.S. news show Extra, “He’s out trying to reach out to Britney.
When someone tries to do something good, there’s a negative spin put on it.

“Some people say he wants the spotlight. He’s got all the spotlight he
needs on his show. I don’t believe it’s fair.”

Meanwhile, Lohan, who became a born-again Christian during a jail spell
last year (07), is urging Spears to seek out God for help.

He adds, “I think she’s in a blank space right now. I think she really
needs her family there for her, first and foremost. I believe she needs God in her
life… I don’t think she’s anywhere right now. I think she’s lost. Lost in
the world.”



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