Cruise & Holmes Taking Suri On Special Shopping Spree

TOM CRUISE and KATIE HOLMES were given a private visit to a New York toy store
recently, so they could take daughter SURI on a special shopping spree.

Bosses locked members of the public out so the trio could roam around F.A.O.
Schwartz – made famous by Tom Hanks’ movie BIG – and Holmes reveals she and her
superstar husband were the biggest kids there.

The Batman Begins star says, “We went to F.A.O. Schwartz last week
(ends10Jan08) and we were running around and eating ice cream and playing with
the toys. And Tom and I were playing with most of the toys.”

Holmes also revealed 21-month old Suri’s first words, during an appearance on
U.S. morning TV show Good Morning America: “She said, mama, then dada, and then
everything else. She’s a great mimic.”



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