McConaughey Will Never Date Another Man’s Woman

Loved-up men have nothing to fear from movie hunk MATTHEW McCONAUGHEY – because he insists he’d never claim another man’s girl.

The good looking Sahara star, who was voted the Sexiest Man Alive in People
magazine in 2006, admits he often faces up to jealous guys who hate the fact
their partners fancy him.

But he always assures them he’s too good a guy to steal another man’s
girlfriend or wife.

He says, “I’m not going to steal a dude’s girl. You got something going, man,
I’m all for it.

“I’ve been in enough relationships to know how hard they are. I think there
should be a better sense of fraternity among men, especially if someone is

And married women need never approach McConaughey – he isn’t interested: “Are
you kidding me? ‘Get your ass home…’ That’s never been my style since I
started liking girls.”



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