Spears To Host Lavish Beverly Hills Gift Party

BRITNEY SPEARS is to host a swanky Beverly Hills party at the lavish Scandinavian Style Mansion, where she celebrated her birthday last month (Dec07).

The event, which will showcase luxury Scandinavian brands and products will take place on 16 February (08).

The last time Spears attended the periodical party, she was presented with a birthday cake, sunglasses and a white fur coat, among other gifts, by planner Claus Hjelmbak.

He says, “Britney has said yes to hosting the February party and I am very excited.

Hjelmbak has become part of Spears’ entourage and joined the pop star on a midnight shopping spree at trendy Los Angeles clothing store Kitson on 16 January (08).

He tells People magazine, “I know people will say it’s weird she was shopping at 2am, but Kitson said you guys can always come when you want. I just called the owner and said, `Can we come over?’ and they said `Sure.'”



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