Page Pleased To Escape Hollywood ‘Brat Pack’

JUNO star ELLEN PAGE is glad her parents refused to let her move to Hollywood as she feared going off the rails like former child star LINDSAY LOHAN.

The young actress was offered a role in a high profile U.S. sitcom at the age of 13 but her parents insisted she was too young to handle the pressures of fame and forced her to turn it down.

But Page, now 20, insists her family were right and the move not only kept her grounded, but also saved her career because she went on to land a series of acclaimed roles.

She says, “It’s a good thing. I would have had to move to LA and I can’t even imagine what I would be like now. They (her parents) said keep up your grades and then you can act.”

Page’s portrayal of a pregnant teenager who gives her baby up for adoption in Juno earned her a nominated for Best Actress at this month’s (Jan08) Golden Globes Awards.



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