Cyrus: ‘Britney Needs Help’

HANNAH MONTANA star MILEY CYRUS has called for BRITNEY SPEARS to seek professional help.

The 15-year-old pop superstar insists she can relate to the intense pressure Spears is under, but believes the Toxic singer needs urgent psychological attention, following her apparent breakdown at her home on 4 January (08).

Cyrus says, “I think it’s so crazy and I think she needs help. I understand and the pressure is definitely hard, but I think just keeping your head on your shoulders is easier than it looks. I think if you know who you are, then I think you’ll be fine for the rest of the way.”

And Cyrus credits her family, including country singer dad Billy Ray Cyrus, for keeping her on the right track.

She adds, “If I didn’t have them (my family), I’d probably be in the same position (as Spears). You just got to know who your true friends are.”