Police Deny Plans To Interview Olsen Over Ledger’s Death

The New York Police Department (NYPD) have denied reports they plan to interview actress MARY-KATE OLSEN as they attempt to piece together HEATH LEDGER’s final hours.

The actress was a good friend of the tragic star, who was found dead at his New York apartment earlier this week (22Jan08), and she was the first person called by the masseuse who found Ledger’s body.

It has been rumored that police officials would ask to question Olsen – who was in California at the time of the actor’s death – as part of their search for clues as to how the Brokeback Mountain star died.

But NYPD detectives, who are handling the case, have denied the former child-star will be a part of their investigation.

Detective Joseph Cavitolo tells People.com, “Absolutely at no time are we going to be interviewing her (Olsen). We never had any plans to interview her.

At this point we are just waiting for the Medical Examiner’s report.”

An autopsy carried out on Wednesday (23Jan08) failed to reveal how the actor died, although police believe his death is drug-related as five different bottles of prescription drugs were found around his apartment.



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