Barton: ‘Acting Career Was An Accident’

Former The O.c. star Mischa Barton never wanted to be an actress and only settled on the profession when she was cast in the hit show.

The 22-year-old appeared in a handful of TV shows and films – including hit soap All My Children and 1999 movie The Sixth Sense – before she landed the role of Marissa Cooper in the successful teen drama.

But Barton, who left the show shortly before it ended in 2007, insists acting was more of a hobby for her – and if she hadn’t shot to fame in The O.c., she would be doing something completely different.

She tells, “There was a brief time when I was in my early teens when I considered dropping acting, and I wasn’t that into it. I was one of those kids who was willing to try other things, other careers, and go to college. I just happened to get cast on The O.C., but I was never set on it.”


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