Alba: ‘I Hope My Child Is A Nerd’

Mother-to-be JESSICA ALBA is hoping her first baby doesn’t pursue a career in
Hollywood – because she’d prefer her child to be a “nerd”.

The actress, who is currently in her second trimester with fiancee Cash
Warren’s baby, wants the tot to be intelligent rather than cool – insisting
“nerds” are more interesting people.

She tells website, ”I want my kid to be a nerd. I want him to
be really, really smart. I want them to be in the band or orchestra. No, that’s
a joke.

“I keep telling my fiancee, ‘Our kid can’t be cool. It has to be a nerd.’
They’re so much more dynamic.”

But the Good Luck Chuck star has promised to support the child if it decides
to follow her into acting: “If your child wants to be an actor, though, you
kind of want to support them in whatever they want to do.

“But it’s not something I’m going to be pushing my kid to do at all. I think
it’s important for your kids to find their own way and see what moves them.”



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