Panettiere Speaks Out On Animal Rights

HEROES star HAYDEN PANETTIERE was the star of honor at an animal rights demonstration in Washington, D.C. – and used the opportunity to call for an end to whale hunting.

The 18-year-old actress made a passionate speech at the anti-whaling rally and urged Japan to outlaw the killing of the creatures for meat.

According to, she told the group of protesters, “Not only are these animals being cruelly slaughtered, the meat is contaminated by huge levels of mercury.

“And we’re not taking a stand because Japan is one of our biggest allies in the war on terror, but Australia is an ally and they’ve told Japan what they think, and good on them!”

Panettiere, who last year (07) clashed with Japanese fishermen in a bid to save hundreds of dolphins from slaughter, is a spokesperson for the Save the Whales Again! Campaign and has set up her own auction website to help raise money for the cause.



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