Hospital Had ‘No Reason’ To Hold Spears Any Longer

BRITNEY SPEARS was released from hospital because there was “no just cause” to hold her at the psychiatric ward any longer, according to U.S. reports.

The pop star was committed to the Resnick Neuropsychiatric wing of Los Angeles’ UCLA Medical Center on Thursday (31Jan07) upon the advice of her personal doctor.

Spears was initially placed on a 72-hour hold, but this was upgraded to a 14-day stay at the weekend (03Feb08).

However, the troubled singer was discharged on Wednesday (06Feb08) after a court representative decided she was sane enough to leave the facility.

According to, Spears checked out of hospital against the advice of her doctor after she was given the all-clear from the court hearing referee – usually a lawyer who has the power to overturn medics’ decisions after an interview with the patient to determine if there is “just cause” for their detainment.

But sources claim the doctor who advised the Toxic singer was not her psychiatrist Dr. Deborah Nadel, but another attending medic.

Nadel has not been involved with Spears’ hospitalization since issuing the 72-hour hold order last week (ends01Feb08), claims the unnamed source.

Shortly after Spears was released, her parents Jamie and Lynne issued a statement describing their “extreme disappointment”, accusing hospital officials of putting their daughter’s life at risk by discharging her.



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