Alba Thrilled That Latinas Are The New It Girls

Hollywood’s hottest women are desperately trying to look more Latina, according to sexy actress JESSICA ALBA.

The pregnant star claims Latin American women have developed a curvy look that socialites and Hollywood housewives are desperate to copy.

And she’s thrilled that after years of being the butt of jokes in Hollywood, Latinas can hold their heads high.

Alba explains, “I think it’s funny that women get their lips injected and get butt implants. Everyone wants to look like us now.”

But the actress tells Latina magazine she cannot understand why anyone would want to go under the knife to try and look like someone else.

She adds, “In Beverly Hills there’s a whole race of women that look exactly the same. The cheeks, the lips, the t**s, the ass, everything. They’re scary.
They’re so skinny.”

And she has no plans to defy aging by signing up for cosmetic sessions: “I like that I look different… I’m not a make-up and hair kind of girl. I don’t really have a brush.”



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