Rimes Gets Fit By Skipping On The Road

Country star LEANN RIMES has taken to literally skipping through tours after
time spent just sitting and eating on her tour bus left her struggling to
complete concerts.

The Blue singer admits she never used to take care of herself when she was on
the road, sitting alone on a bus ferrying her from one show to the next.

So she turned to fast food and TV to comfort her through lonely nights – and
then found herself gasping for breath in the middle of shows.

She tells Fitness magazine, “I went on the road and became very sedentary…
It was a really lonely experience, and I turned to food.

“I wasn’t taking care of my health. I was getting out of breath in the middle
of the show, my schedule was crazy and sometimes I was getting really sick.”

But that all changed when she started dating fitness freak Dean Sheremet, who
is now Rimes’ husband – now she works out inbetween shows.

The singer admits she’s particularly pleased with her rope-jumping skills.

“She adds, ‘I take a jump rope with me for cardio. I skip rope for 10 to 12
minutes at a time, at a really fast pace, and it burns an enormous amount of
calories per minute… Now I’m like Rocky!”


Leann Rimes appears on the March 2008 cover of Fitness Magazine.


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