Spears’ Hospital Escort Promopts New ‘Britney Law’

BRITNEY SPEARS is to have a law in Los Angeles named after her – because it was her $24,000 (#12,000) police escort to hospital last month (Jan08) which prompted councilmen to propose the amendment.

The troubled pop star was taken from her Coldwater Canyon home to UCLA Medical Center on 31 January in an ambulance with a motorcade from the Los Angeles Police Department.

The job of the motorcade, which included more than 20 police officers, a helicopter and a team of intervention specialists, was to block off traffic ahead and behind the ambulance carrying Spears to hospital, and to keep the paparazzi at bay.

And the move has inspired L.A. City Councilman Dennis P. Zine to propose a safety zone be set up to protect areas around celebrities, hospitals, traffic, businesses and homes.

The bill also suggests all members of the paparazzi get licenses to take photographs in the protected zones – with those breaking the law having their license revoked and royalties from the picture confiscated.

He says, “The straw that broke the camel’s back (idea that prompted the law) is the $24,000 we spent to escort an L.A. City ambulance to the hospital. I’m not infringing upon the right to take a picture. I’m concerned about the impact they have on the general public.”

Councilmen will vote on whether to adopt the new ‘Britney Law’ on 1 March (08), reports Hollyscoop.com.



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  1. Bella Black wrote: I suppose it’s good they made a law like this..but the $24,000 is completely outrageous..all of that to take her to the hospital..she needs help and the paps are horrible but that is too much *shakes head* to think of how many other people could’ve benfited from that cost to go to the ER..ugh.

  2. xtremequeen wrote: I think that it’s a good idea to adopt new laws where the paps are concerned. They are really lucky that more people haven’t been hurt, in their race to make a buck off of someone else.