Phillippe Considering Paparazzi Escape

Actor RYAN PHILLIPPE is considering moving out of Los Angeles because of the
effect the paparazzi are having on his children.

The star feels uncomfortable leaving his house because he is constantly
tailed by photographers all desperate for a snap of him.

And Phillippe fears that the constant presence of snappers will have a
negative influence on eight-year-old Ava Elizabeth and four-year-old Deacon
Reese – his kids from his previous marriage to Reese Witherspoon.

He says, “I spend a lot of time just holed up in my house in Los Angeles. I’m
thinking of leaving here because of that. I don’t really go out because I know
it’s going to turn into a photo shoot.

“It’s really scarring. It definitely does a number on my eight-year-old
daughter. To hear her say that she worries about what she’s wearing when she
leaves the house because she knows her picture will be taken.

“She’s worried about friends at school who come up to her and say they see
her in magazines. It’s a really disturbing environment to bring up a child in.”



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