Barrymore: ‘Troubled Stars Have To Want To Conquer Demons’

DREW BARRYMORE has called on Hollywood’s troubled stars to “pull it together”
because she hates watching young celebrities self-destruct in public.

The Charlie’s Angels actress, who had two stints in rehab when she was 13 and 14, claims stars such as Britney Spears have to actually want to conquer their demons – before they can get the help they need.

She tells U.S. magazine Vogue, “I think I had some mechanism in my head that said, ‘If you don’t pull it together, no one else will.’ That’s coming from a person who had to try it all… and who still loves a good time.”

But Barrymore insists she never let her career focus slip during her wild years.

She adds, “I do believe in ‘work hard, play hard’, but ‘work hard’ always comes first, and it did even when I was wild and young.”



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